We recommend that you know our rules for sellers, our policies on prohibited and restricted items, and what's allowed and not allowed when listing and completing a sale.

When you're ready to list your data, you'll start by describing what you're selling,  and setting a price. You will be automatically login to the application using your MetaMask account. In the top menu you will find SELL DATA button:

On click system will open a form where you can describe your data and set the price:

There are some mandatory fields like Categories, title, short description and a price, however we highly recommend to provide all the details including sample file, so that buyers can see how the full data file may look like and long description, where you can provide more detailed specification of your product including its attributes and other details.
Once you provide all the details than you can upload the file. Uploading the file means that the file is send to the decentralised storage, which is IPFS. It does not mean that it is already available on the blockchain and ready to buy. 

The next step is to publish the file in blockchain so it is listed on the marketplace.
You can publish the file from the Current task window in the left bottom corner:

or it is listed in the Notification center in the top right corner:

Once you click on Publish button than you will be asked to confirm transaction in MetaMask. This transaction will create smart contract for this specific product on the blockchain:

We will notify you once the transaction is being processed. It is important to know that the transaction processing time depends on the gas price you will set for the transaction. If it is too low, than the processing time might be longer. You can always check the actual gas price here: https://ethgasstation.info/

Once the transaction is confirmed successfully you can check your product in My Files -> Active listing:

By clicking on the file you will open Product details page:

Important thing to notice is that once you have provided details and set a price of your product and upload it you will not be able to edit those data. On UPLOAD file is loaded to IPFS data storage and metahash of the metadata file is created. Data in IPFS can not be overwritten, so in order to make any changes to the description, price or any other product details, you would have to Unpublish the file first and remove it from listing and create it once again from the scratch.

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