If you don't want to have the specific file to be listed on the REPUX marketplace anymore there is a simple way to de-list it, and you don't need to worry if there are any pending transactions or you forget to withdraw the deposit - don't worry it was taken care of...

In order to unpublish the file from REPUX marketplace go to My files and click on Active listing tab:

You will see list of all your files that are listed on the marketplace:

There is an Unpublish button, which is active even if there are pending finalisation requests (check Finalisation request field) or you have tokens in a deposit on the product Smart Contract (see Deposit field). Just click on the Unpublish button.

Confirm transaction in MetaMask:

As you can see, the file is still displayed under the Active listing, but it is in disabled status (the file is greyed). It is because you still have some tokens in a deposit, and now it is the time you can withdraw them (see How to withdraw funds?)

Once you withdraw the funds the file will disappear from Active listing tab, and it will be displayed in Notification center under Unpublished files, from where you can Publish it again (for example if you Unpublished the file by mistake) or you can Remove it from the application completely. 

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