• Token sale address is located ONLY ON https://repux.io. Do not trust addresses which are not vetted by our official website.
  • Token sale starts on 6th of March 2018 at 2 pm UTC and closes on 5th of April 2018 / 5 pm UTC or when the cap is reached.
  • Do not send any Ethers (ETH) before the Token sale starts.
  • Only those approved on whitelist can participate. We are running KYC (Know Your Customer) process based on information collected upon registration.
  • RepuX does not have any other domain than https://repux.io - do not trust potentially spammy / phishing web addresses which may sound or look familiar.
  • Always cross-check information with https://repux.io or contact us.

In order to participate in RepuX’s token sale, you’ll need some Ethers (ETH), which is the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. Bitcoin (BTC) and USD(and other currencies) via wire transfers are also accepted. In the following example, we will use Kraken (for buying ETH) and MyEtherWallet (as a wallet).

In order to buy Ethereum (ETH), you need to register an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. There are many exchanges out there, one option is Kraken (www.kraken.com).

After you have set up your account and logged in, go to “Funding” and then “Deposit”.

Select your depositing currency from the menu on the left and complete the deposit.

Once you have fiat currency on your account, you may go ahead and buy some Ethers. Choose the ETH/fiat currency pair and put in your order.

Once you have Ethers on your account, you need to withdraw it to an external wallet. This is because you cannot participate in the token sale from an exchange wallet. We recommend you use MyEtherWallet.

In order to set up a MyEtherWallet, go to www.myetherwallet.com, click on “New Wallet” and then follow the instructions.

Once you have set up your wallet, log in to Kraken and copy your MyEtherWallet address to the Ethers withdrawal field and complete the withdrawal.

Now you have successfully bought Ethers from a cryptocurrency exchange and sent it to your external wallet. Once the withdrawal is done, you may close Kraken and head over to your MyEtherWallet at www.myetherwallet.com.

Access your MyEtherWallet at www.myetherwallet.com. Make sure that you are on the correct website since many bad actors clone the site.

Click on “Send Ether & Tokens” from the bar.

In the next step, you will have to insert the “To Address”, which you will see only on the https://repux.io website.

Please make sure you copy-paste the address directly since bad actors will be looking to provide you with a fake address. Then enter the amount of Ethers you want to send and set the gas limit to “200000”.

Finally, click “Generate Transaction” and then click “Send Transaction”.
Upon final confirmation, click “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.” and you are good to go.

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